Manage Android Tablets and Smartphones for Education

Mobile Device Management For Schools

Configure your devices with essential applications (in kiosk mode), whitelist websites, and enable single or multi-app mode in a few simple clicks.

Super Easy Device Enrollment in Bulk, Eliminate Manual Efforts by Automation

With CubiLock’s bulk enrollment program, reduce time spent on enrollment process by choosing the right way to enroll multiple devices. It saves your time especially when you have a fleet of devices. Utilize devices right out of the box with pre-configured settings from the dashboard.

Cloud-based MDM For Schools

Perfect Mobile Device Management For
Schools And Educational Institutes

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Whitelist/Blacklist Websites

Allow only selected websites and restrict access to any other URLs. Prevent access to social media sites.

Configure Device Peripherals

Block USB or Bluetooth connectivity, restrict mobile hotspot, or disable hardware buttons.

Content Management

Select and share files securely without depending on Bluetooth or wire-based file sharing.

Run Application On Single Or Multi App Mode

Lock Android tablets and smartphones in kiosk mode with only one application or multiple applications.

Geofence/Location Tracking

Set alerts to know if a device is in or out of a virtual fence that you set using CubiLock’s geo-fence feature.

Custom Branding

Enforce standard wallpaper on all devices, restrict students access to media to change device wallpaper.

Restrict Sending Texts Or Making Calls

Revoke texting or calling option on all or selected devices with a few simple clicks.

Remote Application Management

Select and publish applications on group of devices, set versions, enable/disable auto-update of applications.

Disable Factory Reset

Restrict students from accidentally reset devices, disable factory reset option seamlessly.

Remotely Digitalize Classrooms In A Few Simple Steps

Implement digital classrooms with instant device management capabilities, practise collaboration and teaching a delightful experience with CubiLock mobile device management solution for schools.


Disable Notifications


Restrict App Uninstallations


Instant File Sharing


Enforce Secure Browsing


Enable Kiosk Mode


Broadcast Messaging


Schedule App and System Updates


Disable Hardware Buttons

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