Mobile Device Management Solution For Retail

Manage Android mPOS Devices Remotely With CubiLock

Transform Android tablets into POS, remotely provision and manage devices in multiple store locations, and communicate with your staff in real time. Utilize devices for dedicated purposes with CubiLock.

Minimalize Human Intervention With Automation

Implement tablets and smartphones for dedicated purposes, lock devices with essential apps, websites, and settings that help in automating retail services.

Integrate MDM For Quick & Smart Selling

Transform devices into self-service kiosks, mPOS(mobile Point Of Sale) systems, and any other specialized task with our MDM solution for your retail business.

Kiosk Lockdown Mode

Use devices for dedicated purposes in kiosk lockdown mode, and preconfigure devices with the necessary apps and security settings that suit your business needs.

Enable mPOS Seamlessly

Turn Android smartphones or tablets into mPOS, and offer digital payments instantly in single app mode.

Custom Branding

Set user-facing messages, configure enterprise logo and wallpaper. Resonate your brand with your customers.

Application Management

Schedule auto-updates, control app versions, remotely publish enterprise apps or applications from the play store.

Maximize Security Along With Device Management

Monitor devices in real-time, prevent devices from data theft or being lost. Secure your devices no matter where they are located.


Zero-touch Enrollment


Whitelist Essential Websites


Configure WiFi Settings


Restrict USB Access


Remotely Wipe Data


Get Real-Time Alerts


Set Geofence On Devices


Separate Device Fleets By Branch

The Perfect EMM for Retail Industry

Enroll Devices In Bulk With CubiLock

Super fast enrollment steps, prevent time-consuming manual deployment. Choose from Zero-Touch, QR Code or CSV based options to make IT Admin’s life easy.

Transform Android Devices Into Digital Signage Displays

Create an engaging environment by converting tablets into digital signage displays, and endorse your product from a centralized dashboard.

Manage Retail Devices Remotely With CubiLock
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Manage your Android devices with simple, secure & affordable solution.

Retail Growth

Retail growth has seen new heights of success with the integration of mobile technologies in their operations..

mPOS With MDM Solution

Adopting an mPOS payment system enhances customer experience and also eases the work..

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