Fast, Easy and Hassle-free

Simple & secure Mobile Device Management

CubiLock handles all the complexity and multi-layer platform security behind the scenes, so you can focus on your work and business.


Quick enrollment

Save time and effort by enrolling your devices at once using the CubiLock dashboard. Push your apps, policies, and settings over the air, and your employees will instantly receive them on their devices.

Android Zero-touch

Deploy any number of business devices at the same time using Android zero-touch. You employees can get started right after powering on their devices.

IMEI based enrollment

Upload CSV of IMEI numbers of your devices through the CubiLock dashboard, and configure them all in bulk.

QR Code/URL based enrollment

Generate QR codes and URLs for device policies and share them with your employees by email. Enrolling the devices is then as easy as scanning the QR code or visiting the URL.

Policy management

Create different device management policies for different use cases. Control the apps, security, branding, and hardware of your devices through an intuitive interface.

Full Device Management

Manage your business devices to suit your unique business needs. Set CubiLock as the launcher. Limit the devices to run a single or few multiple apps. Configure them as a digital signage or a point-of-sale system.

Work Profile Management

Let employees bring their own Android devices to work. Easily push your business apps and data to their devices. Keep their personal data separate and private.

Dedicated Device Management

Run CubiLock in the background. Configure apps and policies for individual devices.



Protect your enterprise devices from security threats and malware. Prevent unauthorized access of your business data.

Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Apply FRP on your Android devices. Prevent the use of the devices upon factory reset unless the select Google account credentials are provided.

Passcode Policy Enforcement

Require passcodes on enterprise devices. Specify the types of passcodes and their complexity. Choose the frequency of changing the passcodes for additional security.

Remote Wipe-off

Remotely erase data on lost or retired devices. Selectively wipe enterprise data on employee-owned devices.

App management

Load and install business apps on your devices. Easily push updates.

Google Play Store

Select apps from the Google Play Store and push them to your enterprise devices. Easily configure, update, or uninstall them remotely.

Enterprise Store

Use CubiLock Enterprise Store for distributing your private apps. Manage their installation, versioning, and removal from CubiLock dashboard.

Kiosk app


Configure your devices for business by enforcing a single- or multi-app kiosk mode. Reduce distractions for your employees by putting in front of them only the things they need to use. Prevent device misuse.

Single App Mode

Run any application or website in Single App mode even after a device reboot.

Multi App Mode

Run multiple applications or websites (if and when needed).

Custom branding


Spice things up. Use your company logo and theme. Set up a nice wallpaper. Push personalized messages on lock screen. Sort apps according to your business needs. Show or hide them remotely.

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