Manage Enterprise Devices Seamlessly

Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

Enterprise mobility solution that allows IT admins and teams to manage devices by enforcing policies, remotely distributing apps and granting secure access to data.


Enterprise Mobility Solution

Why Manage Enterprise Devices With CubiLock?

CubiLock Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution allows businesses to manage a wide range of Android devices. Manage, monitor, control, and secure all endpoints through a unified cloud-based interface.


Bulk Device Enrollment


Kiosk Mode


Device Security


Geofencing/Location Tracking


Application Management


Device Policy Management


Solve Enterprise Mobility Challenges With CubiLock

Gain complete visibility into performance and device policy management with CubiLock. Deploy business-critical apps to remote workforce, support and manage enterprise devices without worrying about device downtime.


Monitor Device in real-time


Remotely wipe device data


Communicate or send broadcast messages promptly


User based access to apps and data


Configure VPN/Wifi settings

EMM Solution For Better Mobility

Enterprise Device Management
Strategy That Fits Your Organization

Manage, secure, and control endpoints from a single console, CubiLock's enterprise device
management feature allows any businesses to manage their enterprise devices easily.

Reduce Cost

Terminate cost of updating servers, reduce consumption of mobile data, allow applications that are essential for business.

Simplify Process

Leverage CubiLock EMM for bulk enrollment, reduce device management time as compared to any EMM solution.

Factory Reset Protection

Permit trustable Google accounts to log in after factory resetting the device. Protect your data and device 24/7.

Restrict Device Tethering

Disable tethering of configuring hotspots on devices, eliminate use of mobile data where not necessary.

Disable Outgoing Calls

Disable outgoing calls to specific number or group of numbers. Allow/Block numbers according to countries.

Restrict Device Reboot

Restrict users from tampering device settings or uninstallation of applications that are critical for business by restricting device reboot option.

Disable USB Storage Access

Eliminate illicit download of confidential data, assign compliance that suit enterprise standards to limit usage of USB data sharing.

Policy Enforcement Rules

Set custom actions for any top-level policy violation, If a device or work profile fails to comply with any of the policy settings, Android Device Policy immediately blocks usage of the device or work profile by default.

Custom Feature

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Affordable And Hassle-free Enterprise Mobility Solution

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