Enable Kiosk Mode for Android Devices With CubiLock

Enforce kiosk mode for Android tablets, smartphones, and rugged devices. Use Android devices for dedicated purposes and manage them remotely from our cloud-based dashboard.

Android Kiosk Mode

Provision & Manage Kiosk Mode To Fleet of Android Devices

Android Kiosk Mode provides the ability to manage and streamline your business devices. By configuring and selecting suitable applications, you can ensure that your devices meet your unique needs. Automatically lockdown device or group of devices into a kiosk launcher and allow users to access your pre-approved applications.

Enable Single or Multiple Applications in Android Kiosk Mode

CubiLock’s kiosk mode for Android devices allows our customers to run single or multiple applications on devices by restricting access to device settings and configurations. Kiosk mode for customer-facing devices is made easy with CubiLock.

Single App Mode

Select any app or website to run in single app mode even after device reboot. Make the most of company-owned devices for single-purpose use cases.

Multi App Mode

Push applications that are essential for your business. Enforce strict policies on company-owned devices or have business applications on employees’ devices.

Kiosk Mode For Android

Improve Productivity and Enhance User
Experiences in Android Kiosk Mode

turn kiosk

Set Up Android Kiosk Mode Easily With CubiLock

Transform your Android devices into dedicated purpose devices, Android Kiosk Mode allows IT admins to set a lockdown mechanism on Android smartphones and tablets with pre-approved applications and device settings that enables users to utilize devices as kiosk. Admins can pin a single application or select multiple applications in kiosk mode, restrict users from accessing unwanted apps, status bar and device settings.

Android Tablet Kiosk Mode

Utilize Android Tablet for Dedicated Purpose

Safeguard your tablet against unauthorized access and ensure a controlled user experience.

Configure Kiosk Mode On Android
Devices For Business Purpose

Limit distractions for your employees by allowing applications and device settings that
they need to use. Prevent device misuse with CubiLock's kiosk lockdown feature.

Factory Reset Protection

Secure your devices by allowing specific Google accounts to sign-in to the device if they are factory reset.

Remote Wipe

Allow the IT admin to remotely wipe/factory reset devices to prevent data loss or theft.

Call Barring

Disable outgoing/incoming calls on devices to save unwanted distractions and cost.

Administrator Activity Logs

Get insights into the activities performed by admin on the CubiLock dashboard.

Create Device Profiles

Apply policies to the list of devices enrolled in a profile. Create device profiles that suit your business the best.

Apply Custom Branding

Include your company’s branding while using CubiLock. Use your company’s logo, set personalised messages on the lock screen and much more!

Push Applications

Publish applications that are essential for your business from the dashboard.

Enforce Passcode Policy

Enforce strong password policies to protect critical company data stored on mobile devices.

Custom Feature

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Take Control of Your Android Devices in Kiosk Mode

Frequently Asked Question

Q1 What is an Android Kiosk?

An Android Kiosk refers to a mode that restricts Android devices to specific applications. Configuring the device to run in Kiosk Mode, ensures that users can only interact with selected applications and features. It is commonly used in educational institutes, corporate offices, museums, and information booths, where a dedicated and controlled user experience is required.

Q2 How do I turn on kiosk mode on Android?

You can easily turn on kiosk mode on a single or fleet of Android devices from CubiLock console. All you need to do is choose and deploy apps and enable the “kiosk mode” button.

Q3 What are the features of Android kiosk mode?

Android Kiosk Mode offers features like Single Application Mode, Multi-Application Mode, Remote Device Management, Call Barring and Passcode Policy that enhance its functionality and allow secure and controlled user experience. Know more

Q4 How do I get out of kiosk mode?

To get out of Kiosk mode on your Android device, you have to enter the password or you can also contact your IT admin for support.

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