Who drives CubiLock?

Building the devices ecosystem

The CubiLock solutions are created, developed, and constantly improved by our experienced, visionary developersand managers. Learn more about CubiLock and the people behind it here.

CubiLock is developed, operated and maintained by embrace-it. Embrace-it consists of 150+ business IT professionals in our offices in Denmark, Pakistan, the USA, and Vietnam. We create modern, innovative, and flexible Global Business IT solutions for our clients.

CubiLock is an Enterprise Mobility Management solution that mitigates IT challenges in driving enterprise mobility for your business with easy device deployment, security & app distribution. CubiLock helps streamline everything you need for painless management of your devices. Please reach us at contact@cubilock.com.

Our Customers

What does CubiLock guarantee?

Security and balance

Your devices will only run the software you allow them to run. You can create a dedicated work profile for those employees who insist on using their own phones.

Increased efficiency

Your employees are not distracted by irrelevant content and can fully focus on their tasks. Additionally, company data is safe from unauthorised copying.

Optimising mobile devices

Optimise processes and remote configuration of your devices (in collaboration with Zero-Touch or another system)

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